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About Cop to Corporate


For over 12 years, I have served the community as a police officer, SWAT, major crimes, and narcotics detective. At mid-career, I decided to take a chance, and without a pension, to work in the private sector. I took a corporate investigator role at a major software technology company and worked my way up through 20 years to lead the global security organization. 


I have been a mentor, coach, and champion of hundreds of law enforcement professionals looking for advice and guidance on transitioning to the private sector. Because of the sheer amount of requests for transition advice, I founded Cop to Corporate - Life After Law Enforcement in 2014. So many law enforcement professionals "under-value" their skills when thinking about other careers. Cop to Corporate's mission is to provide FREE insights, tips, and advice on thoughtfully planning for life after law enforcement and bringing out all of their wonderful experiences, competencies, and talents to the private sector. 

If Cop to Corporate has helped you, please "pay it forward" and help other brothers and sisters in "Blue" with their transition. 


Thank you, 

Brian K. Tuskan

Founder, Cop to Corporate

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