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Disclaimer:  The following services are external to Cop to Corporate and not affiliated with us; however, they have been vetted to be reputable, and relevant to the law enforcement profession.  Some of their services may be fee-based.  Cop to Corporate has no business, and or any monetization agreements with these services and makes no guarantees.  Use your own research and due diligence when evaluating external services.


So, You Want to Get into Corporate Security? Paperback, and Audiobook.

“I want to diminish that little feeling that tells you it will be too hard to translate what you knew and experienced in the military, law enforcement, or federal service into a career in the corporate world.”  Author, Carlos Francisco


Savvy job seekers know that a customized resume is one of the best ways to help your application stand out to the applicant tracking system (ATS) and hiring manager.

An essential step includes using the most relevant keywords for each section of your resume. But figuring out what the right keywords are or how to use them appropriately can be tricky.  This is where Jobscan can help! Their algorithm compares your resume with the target job description and helps you create a customized resume that gets results


Éclat Transitions provides consulting services and subject matter expertise on public and military to private sector career transitioning to individuals, groups, government agencies and military branches. 


Sheepdog Resume provides custom resume services and career counsel exclusively to LEOs who want to transition from law enforcement into the corporate world or a government agency. 


My Transition Advisors will provide a no-obligation consultation that allows you to delve into what your second career may look like. Our qualified coaches "walked the walk" in public safety and senior private sector roles. 


Established in 1997, Security Management Resources® (SMR) is a leading international security management search firm focused exclusively on professional and executive-level positions.

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